There is a Lapels® Franchise Program for Everyone. Find the Business That is Right For Your Lifestyle Using the links below.


plant1Combine our boutique retail store with your own full service plant to bring the future of dry cleaning to your community. You will offer a full line of services including Dry Cleaning, Shirt Laundry, Wedding Gown Heirlooming, Leather and Suede Cleaning and much more. You will also have several additional revenue streams which include Lapels Express Pickup & Delivery where you will be able to serve Hotels, Companies and Private Residences.
multiunit1This program is designed for the savvy investor who understands the merits of the dry cleaning industry. Dominate your entire market with the Dry Cleaning industries Hub & Spokes business model. Build your own Network consisting of an Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning Plant, Satellite Stores and Pickup & Delivery Routes to create a tremendous brand awareness.
plant3In a Lapels Satellite store although all work is done off premises you will offer your customers all the services and revenue streams of a full service cleaner. Your focus will be on providing outstanding customer service. Satellite stores come with the Proprietory Lapels Express Pickup & Delivery system as well as offering several Revenue Streams which include dry cleaning, shirt service, tailoring, heirlooming, leather & suede cleaning and more.




  • The Power of Franchising
    • A proven business model
    • The attention and respect that comes with a branded, professional image
    • The ability to join committees and have a say in decisions that affect your business
    • The buying power to purchase custom printed items at a low cost
  • Ongoing Support
    • Open lines of communication via email and telephone to Lapels® corporate personnel for ongoing support and consultation
    • Seven-day-a-week computer software technical support
    • Periodic meetings, seminars, and training sessions to learn, exchange ideas, and network with fellow business owners